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Urban governance: state of play. International conference at ESA – Paris

Urban governance: state of play. International conference initiated by the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture and organized by the postgraduate program in urban planning : Urban Mutations 26th November 2010


Au cœur du questionnement sur le devenir des villes se pose la question de la gouvernance et de la politique de la ville. Politique publique, politique locale, décentralisation des pouvoirs, émergence de nouveaux acteurs privés, participation de la société civile, enjeux économiques, dispositifs réglementaires et modes de régulation sont parmi les éléments qui permettront de faire un état des lieux de la gouvernance urbaine.

Alfredo Brillembourg, Slum Lab, Columbia University, New York. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) – Zurich. Director of the Urban Think Tank

Hyun Chan BAHK, Seoul Development Institute

Charles GOLDBLUM,Paris 8, Institut Français d’Urbanisme

Jacques HAYWARD, Véolia Environnement

Claude de MIRAS, Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), Paris

Patrice NOISETTE, ESSEC Business School

Annik OSMONT, Groupe d’Economie Mondiale (GEMDEV)

Vincent RENARD, CNRS (Laboratoire d’économétrie de l’Ecole Polytechnique) Iddri-Sciences Po, programme Fabrique urbaine.

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  1. caribbeanqueen

    The UTT lecture was great! thanks César

    diciembre 14, 2010 en 4:28 pm

    • thanks Caribbeanqueen! for those who couldn’t enjoy it!

      In his lecture Alfredo Brillembourg talked about Informal Urbanism in Caracas Slums, the project he explained was the metrocable, also in Caracas and presently being featured at the MOMA in the exhibition Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement.

      What I found most interesting during the conference was how Mr. Brillembourg talked about the different ways in which he got this project not only to be embraced by the local population but also reclaimed by it, a key element in the realization of such. He explained the different strategies to wake up the interest of people in a project of such scale and particular nature within the Venezuelan context, dominated by the use of cars and personal vehicles. One of these strategies was the Metro Chivo (Goat Metro), a prototype of trolley to transport food and materials- financed by a local beer company – this was created to show the population how this metrocable like a goat can adapt to irregular land still providing the opportunity to distribute provisions without damaging the natural environment.

      Mr. Brillembourg explained how this metrocable project was a replacement to a former project, supported by the government of the President Chavez in which a traditional streets were built around the slums all the way to the top in order to transport people provisions and goods. This initial project would imply the destruction of 30 to 40% of the housing in the slum of San Agustin, destroying the social network of this area in a very violent manner. Another thing he talked about was the way in which the funding was shared between President Chavez’ government and several international contractors located in Venezuela, looking to fund this project in the early stages in retribution to all the millionaire deals they have developed in Venezuela as a kind of social credit.

      I hope these short statements can convey how inspiring, intelligent and deep Mr. Brillembourg’s conference was… for more information visit their web site or blog with very interesting content on their experience on the Informal City.

      diciembre 14, 2010 en 4:41 pm

      • This could be a golden ortpptunioy. The President should seriously consider this and offer a counter-proposal. How about the President agrees to step down from office by Jan 31st 2009 and challenges Chavez to do the same?

        diciembre 4, 2012 en 12:56 pm

  2. Fantastic. I agree.

    diciembre 27, 2012 en 6:24 am

  3. Useful. I agree.

    diciembre 27, 2012 en 6:30 am

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