miradas a la ciudad informal


CIUDAD EVOLUTIVA is a web platform established to promote ideas on contemporary architecture and urbanism in emerging countries. CIUDAD EVOLUTIVA is also a project of integration of informal settlements in Caracas, Venezuela

The project is an experience of socio-spatial integration of the informal barrios of Petare Sur. El Carmen, El Cerrito, La Unión, El Carpintero amongst others barrios that are finally connected to Caracas in an efficient way through a system of walkways elevated along the Guaire. This new territory introduces a series of public equipments and economic vectors in the core of the barrios and the incessant flow towards the center of the city. This urban project was developed during 2009 by César SILVA URDANETA,  and Hugo CHAUWIN, and at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris. Winners of the best diploma award of Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture of Paris in 2010. Tutors: Dr Marie Aquilino (Brown University) and Michael Halter (ETH Zurich).


The Postcard Caracas

The adventure of developing this project started with a reflection on the identity of the city, after a little while we imagined a grand urban fresco where the name “Caracas” could be read, a strong and affirmative symbol that includes the barrios as part of the city; because of its million of inhabitants and because in spite of the social and isolation problems, they constitute the most characteristic element in the urban landscape of Caracas.

This idea has been seen in shape of a postcard, we worked on a picture of George Brugmans – Director of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam –
and imagined an urban fresco with the name of the city painted in the houses that can be seen over the hills. Instead of the modern infrastructure of the 50’s, the 70’s skycrappers, or other images seen as icons of the city, we imagined this postcard as a symbol of identity to be placed next to a postcard of the Avila mountain, the first urban imaginarium of the city. This postcard aims to spread the word about the project and as an image of one of city’s most important realities. Take a look on this heated debate about the postcard on SkyscraperCity.  Click here to download and print in high definition.

Press and Exhibitions about the project in this link.


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